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Compare garden table and chairs Patio Sets from UK furniture stores

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Wooden Garden Furniture Sets

A wooden garden patio set or bistro set provides a touch of class to any garden or outside eating area.

Wooden patio sets are particularly natural looking and blend in perfectly with the surroundings of any garden.

They are available in a wide range of wood types including oak, redwood, beech, teak, eucalyptus, hardwood and acacia.

Wooden garden furniture sets need special attention to protect them from the elements, unlike aluminium or resin and plastic patio sets, so it’s important to ensure they are varnished and stained when required.

We have an extensive selection of two seater, four seater, six seater and eight seater patio sets for you to take a look at, all brought to you from some of the UK’s top garden furniture stores.


Sets - £25 to £50

A wooden patio set adds style to a garden setting

The wonderful thing about wooden furniture, for indoors or outdoors, is that it never goes out of fashion. A wooden patio set always looks great and provides a lovely dining setting.

Wooden furniture gives a classic, stylish look year on year and good quality - hardwood furniture will endure years of family living and still look fantastic.  

Of all the materials of garden furniture you can purchase wood gives you the greatest choice of style and size so choosing the perfect wooden patio set for your outside space shouldn't be a problem.

We have some very elegant garden furniture sets in a range of different woods - the most popular choices are oak, teak, beech, acacia and maple. These hard woods are ideal for outdoor use.

For those who want a small patio or bistro set for a balcony, patio or decking area which is to be used for one or two people to relax and enjoy the summer there are small but perfectly formed wooden sets comprising of a table and two chairs. Oak, teak, beech and acacia make great wooden patio sets.

A nice alternative to a conventional wooden seat is to opt for a director's chair, perfect for relaxing in with a glass of wine to watch the world go by! If space is really at a premium it is perfectly possible to get a wooden table and chairs which simply fold up, and as they are durable they can simply be stored propped up against a wall. Alternatively you can store a wooden patio in a shed or garage.

For those who are looking for a larger wooden patio set to entertain larger groups of family and friends wooden patio sets are available in various sizes. Sets with 4, 6 and 8 seats are common but often the tables are large enough to get extra chairs if necessary so you can seat more family and friends.  

The choice between round, square or rectangular garden furniture tables is really a personal one, just make sure you have room for your chosen set. Even many larger patio sets can be folded away for storage and often the legs come off the tables to assist easy storage.  Some sets also come with a parasol to fit the table and cushions for the chairs.  

If you are purchasing any wooden furniture it is worth also giving some thought to the type of wood you choose. Generally, hardwoods will age beautifully and will handle with ease the wear and tear of use and the elements.  To ensure that the wood used is environmentally friendly and comes from sustainably managed forests, look for the FSC certification. If the product you are thinking about does not have the FSC logo, the type of wood can be a clue as to how responsibly it has been sourced - woods native to Europe such as oak pose less risk than subtropical species such as ebony.

When you have invested in a beautiful wooden patio set it is worth taking the time to look after it so that it will remain strong and glorious for many years to come. To keep it looking it's best treat it regularly with a wood preserver and if you are leaving it out all year round cover it with a taupaulin or patio set cover during the worst of the winter weather. Also, if you have a parasol and cushions with your set remember to store them inside when not in use, especially the cushions, which are unlikely to be truly weather proof.

Overall, investing in a wooden patio set is not only a stunning addition to your outside garden space _ providing a focal point for all your social gatherings and somewhere for you to take time out to appreciate the summer and de-stress - but buy a quality set and it will be a true investment and last you for years.


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